International Robot Exhibition, Tokyo

Some of my favourite pictures from the International Robot Exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight in November…

The Big Sight itself was pretty impressive. It kind of looks like it has been accidentally dropped on Odaiba upside down by passing aliens.

An impressive biped robot – he’s about 12 inches high.

All-terrain car bot – there were a few in this vein at the show and all of them could manage very rough terrain. I need a car like this for Glastonbury…


Geeking out in Tokyo

For complete and unadulterated nerdism, there’s nowhere quite like Tokyo.

The first clue that I was in for a particularly geeky time on the trip I made in November came from the guide book on the way over: International Robotics Exhibition, every 2 years, last held November 2007. Obviously, I made sure to go there and nerded out along with my friend Katy and my little point-and-click camera (reflected in the quality of the videos here).

One of the weirdest robots was one supposedly made as a toy for kids. Personally, I think it’s pretty creepy…

Then there were the robot dogs – much more child friendly with really smooth, ultra-maneuverable joints:

One of several remote-controlled robots (controlled by the chap whose feet you can see), this football playing bot was cool but not quite right. There’s a spectacular missed kick, which although funny reminds you how difficult biped locomotion is to replicate. The crab-like sidestepping is also very amusing – listen for the clacking of the legs as they come together.

Another remote controlled bot, which I nicknamed Spiderbot, advanced slowly on me when the guy controlling it realised I was filming. I know it’s a robot and not a spider but I still found it a little scary!